Saturday, 7 January 2012


  ……………….. CAN WE SAY THESE PEOPLE   “ HUMAN”   ?                
I strongly believe that The Person who Masters change, master happiness. There are numbers of NGO’s are working for Women’s rights, protesting for the dirty politics, fighting for education , there are several things that includes thousands of social activities. But is there anybody who is fighting for rights of the precious and most important as well as essential part of the nature? They are none other than the ANIMALS. Sadly, animal abuse is something that will always exist--especially since there aren't enough laws in place to protect animals and stiff enough penalties for animal abusers.
Humans being the cleverest animal on earth, have higher priority everywhere. We are also animals, but animals with developed brain. This is our responsibility to save their rights and save our friends. I am not saying to give them reservations in public sector like different castes, not even to exclude them from your business, where the animals are badly used by the people without any care and kindness, just for sake of their own profit. Last month HC permitted people to kill animals which are of no use and are not able to work anymore. They also have rights to live.. they are visible, they also have life, they are also created by god and have equal right to live, they  do get hurt, and are also having family.
 Imagine what will happen if a day comes a man starts killing and eating the other man? If someone starts eating your child what will happen to your mental stability?  Same thing happen with animals. But friends that are what the animals are suffering from, ill treated by human’s, killed by them, and eaten by them.  IF WE ARE THINKING ANIMALS SHOULD NOT HARM US, SO IT’S OUR DUTY NOT TO HARM THEM ALSO. 
What’s the use of dissecting live animals during practical’s in schools instead they can use dead animals? Do your teachers plan yearly field trips to the zoo or the circus? It’s your school, too, and that means that your voice counts, so speak up and let your teachers know that there are alternatives to animal exploitation .And don’t forget to recruit your classmates to help you tackle these issues!
Did you know that each vegetarian saves 100 lives a year? Well … 101 when you count yourself. Eating animals and animal products contributes to health problems, including cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and obesity—just to name a few. You’ve probably heard Mom and Dad talking about trying to eat healthier by avoiding fatty foods, right? Well, let them know that meat, dairy products, and eggs have no fiber or complex carbohydrates and are full of fat and cholesterol. The best thing you can do for the environment is to become vegetarian! Think about it.